StandPeru Wins National Export Prize 2016

The 25th of August was held at the headquarters of the National Superintendency of Tax Administration (SUNAT) in Callao, the forum and fair “Exporta Fácil” (Easy Export), on the occasion of the 10 years of validity of this system. Exporta Fácil is the simplified export system that is made using

Expo Amazonica 2017

From August 10 to 13, the ExpoAmazonica 2017 was held, the most important trade fair in the Amazon region of Peru. This year the event was held in two locations: The cities of Moyobamba and Tarapoto, which belong to the region of San Martin. StandPeru participated in the business round


From 28th to 30th October 2016 was held in Lima, within the activities of the Expoalimentaria, one of the meetings most important business of the Food and Beverage sector in Latin America: Lac Flavors, this event organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB ), brings together hundreds of exporters and

Gelatinized Maca

WHAT IS GELATINIZED MACA? Gelatinization is a process that breaks the chain of starches of maca, it guarantees a product 100% sterilized and excellent quality, which preserves its properties and is more soluble, digestible and therefore the body assimilates better than raw maca. Many people who raw maca causes them

The Latest Superfood? Peru’s Maca Root

The Latest Superfood? Peru’s Maca Root Prices Leap as Buyers From China Swoop In, Looking for Burst of Energy The maca root has been cultivated in Peru for thousands of years. But now booming global demand for its use as a supplement that is said to increase energy is boosting

The Sacred Leaf of the Incas

Ancient and sacred. Since time immemorial the cultivation of coca has been part of the tradition and custom of the Andean people. Considered by experts as a highly nutritious plant and with enormous therapeutic potential, reaches our days mired in controversy. its use transcends the mere fact of alleviate feelings

Kiwicha: Feed For The World

Also known as Amaranth, the Kiwicha is one of the most ancient cultivations of America, as the quinua, has been cultivated for more than 4000 years in Peru. The kiwicha and its varietes, that were more than 1200, represented an important part of the diet of the Incas. They used

Lucuma, Fruit of Peru (II)

As it was wrote in the post before, the presence of the lucuma in the imaginary pre hispanic one can be verified in many miths and legends, like the mith that explained the origin of the Pachacamac’s island, At front of Lurin’s coasts, Lima. Where the god Kon Iraya (Cuniraya)

Lucuma, Fruit of Peru (I)

Native fruit of Peru, lucumo is a tree that grows in the valleys up to 2500 m. Its fruit has a good amount of pulp mealy yellow / orange soft and pleasant taste. This natural product, from pre-Hispanic times was used by the Incas in their daily diet, has important

Pisco is Peru

  Pisco is the liquor obtained exclusively from the distillation of recently fermented “pisco grapes”, produced in the Departments of Lima, Ica (Ica, Chincha, Pisco), Arequipa, Moquegua and the Locumba, Sama and Caplina valleys in the Department of Tacna. Its name comes from the Quechua word (language of the Incas)