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Peru is a wonderful, rich country in cultures, natural resources and principally for the quality of its people. Megadiverse country, it possesses 84 of 117 zones of life of the world and 28 of 32 types of climate.

Origin of the Incas and before them of many other ancient civilizations, Peru has a thousands-year-old history, whose first organized inhabitants were of Caral, which with 5000 years is the most ancient city of America and one of the sites in the world where the man began the civilization as we know today.

In StandPeru we want to contribute to the diffusion of the value of Peru and to its positioning like a global brand. By means of the sale of representative products, we want to connect Peru with the people around the world, and to make know its diverse manifestations, its exquisite gastronomy, its extraordinary cultural and natural wealth, And all that does of Peru a country and a unique experience in the world.

Hereby we give beginning to StandPeru’s blog.

One of the bests commercials about Peru

Extraordinary documentary on Caral, lasts almost an hour, but it is very interesting