Native fruit of Peru, lucumo is a tree that grows in the valleys up to 2500 m. Its fruit has a good amount of pulp mealy yellow / orange soft and pleasant taste. This natural product, from pre-Hispanic times was used by the Incas in their daily diet, has important nutritional values. In principle, it is rich in fiber, iron and carotene, three key substances for the proper functioning of the body.

Few people know that the lucuma is recommended against the depression, for his high place contained of niacin, a substance more known as vitamin B3, which collaborates very effectively in the metabolism of the proteins and in the process of production of the corporal energy.


The exotic flavor of the lucuma has reached international recognition as gastronomic high-level product. Its presentation like flour of lucuma is one of most used in the elaboration of products as ice creams, pastry, cookies, pudding and cakes.

torta de lucuma