Gelatinized Maca Capsules x 50 units

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Pack of 50 bottles of gelatinized maca capsules

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Maca is a wonderful source of vital natural nutrients. Native of Peru, it is a highly nourishing and energetic food, which in addition possesses stimulant and regulatory substances of the organism. Cultivated on 4000 meters in them walk, the maca resists everything: the extreme cold, the radiation and the aridity, extreme conditions in which no other plant would grow.


Gelatinization is a process that breaks the chain of starches of maca, it guarantees a product 100% sterilized and excellent quality, which preserves its properties and is more soluble, digestible and therefore the body assimilates better than raw maca.

  1. Gelatinized Maca has a higher dissolution in water.

  2. The gelatinization process greatly increases the digestibility of the same, which is reflected in the high rate of gelatinization.}

  3. The person consuming it absorbs a higher percentage of the nutrients in the product because this powder is much more digestible than raw meal.

  4. Gelatinization is a disinfection process and firing to obtain a low moisture level while maintaining all its natural properties.


  • 100% maca root of peruvian Central Andes
  • USDA + EU Organic Certification 
  • Bottle of 100 capsules of 500mg 
  • Free irradiation 
  • Free GMO 
  • Vegetarian capsule, suitable for vegans


  • Healthy: Improves physical performance, mental health and sexual
  • Superfood: It is a natural source of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and mineral
  • Libido: Increases vitality and libido in men and women
  • Regulator: Regulates and stimulates the body's functions, it helps to relieve the symptoms of PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) and menopause

Organic Certified

Organic Certificate

- Free Irradiation

- Free GMO

- Vegetarian Capsule


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Gelatinized Maca Capsules x 50 units

Gelatinized Maca Capsules x 50 units

Pack of 50 bottles of gelatinized maca capsules