Flagship Products of Peru

As part of the process of consolidation of the Peru’s image like supplier of high quality worldwide products, the year 2004 was created the Commission of Flagship Products of Peru (COPROBA), whose objective is to present strategies of protection and promotion of the flagship products with the purpose of put in value assets that can give to Peru international recognition

What are Flagship Products?

They are those products that enhance the Peru’s image, unique in its origin or development, with different characteristics that report comparative advantage, that generate jobs and have a potencial market. Thanks to this factors and others more, the flagship products are ambassadors of Peru’s image.

Which are the Flagship Products of Peru?

The the Flagship Products of Peru are the following:

  • Cotton.- The cultures Pre-Incas and Inca used this fiber to make to make his cloths, reaching an extraordinary development in the Culture Paracas, famous for his mantles. In Peru the varieties are cultivated “pima”, “tangüis”, “áspero”, “nativo” and “del cerro”

  • Maca.- It is the root of a native plant of Peru that grows to mas of 4000 m of altitude, recognized by its high concentration of proteins and nutrients, is used also as treatment against the unfertility.

  • South American Camelids.- Peru possesses more than 80 % of the population of South American camelids. The alpaca, vicuna, llama and guanaco offer fibers of great quality that have great demand on the international markets. The breeding of these camelids is realized by the rural communities. Exists all a industry about these fiber, nowadays in expansion.

  • Ceramic of Chulucanas.- Ceramics produced in Chulucanas, Piura. Nowadays it is know as a one of the decorative articles more recognized in the World, for the beauty of its forms and refined finish.

  • Peruvian Gastronomy.- Product of the mixture of natives cultures, foreign and colonial cultures. The Peruvian gastronomy this being positioned already between the most distinguished from the world, and has received the recognition of specialists of the world gastronomy
  • Lucuma.- Original fruit of the Peruvian valleys, it possesses a high nutritional value and is a great source of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. At present, its exotic flavor is demanded by the most refined international gastronomy.

  • Pisco.- Peruvian brandy of grape obtained of the distillation of the fresh broths of the exclusive fermentation of the must of grape (juice of grape), The Pisco is original of Peru and is its national drink, and the Pisco Sour its coctail mas traditionally.

  • Asparagus.- Peru is the first world producer of asparagus. The Peruvian asparagus is recognized throughout the world by his high quality, the conditions of special climates and its geographical location allow to obtain the performances more high of the world.

  • Coffee.- First world producer of organic coffee, the Peruvian coffee has peculiar characteristics that allow a balancing according its body, aroma, acidity and flavor.

Nowadays there are other products in evaluation that they will continue increasing the list of peruvian flagship products in the world.