Brazil Nut

brazil nut

The Brazil nut is a dry, tasty and healthy fruit, source of energy, fiber and protein without calories. Its high caloric content derives from monounsaturated fats, which help to increase the “good cholesterol” in the blood. It is one of the main ingredients of food for children and newborns. BRAZIL NUT IN PERU In Peru … Read more


Peru is the 2nd largest producer and exporter of organic coffee in the world, the diversity of combinations of climates, soils, precipitation and sunlight have allowed a great development. The coffees of Peru are Coffea arabica with different profiles of flavor, aroma and acidity. The varieties that are cultivated are: Typica (70%), Caturra (20%) and … Read more


Mesquite is a tree that has found in the northern desert of Peru a suitable habitat, its fruit contains high levels of sugars, proteins and minerals as well as tryptophan, an essencial amino acid. It is considered rich in fibers, natural energizer and removes heavy metals and redioactive substances from the body. [:es]El algarrobo es … Read more


[:en]Aguaymanto or Goldenberry is native to the Peruvian Andes, known since the time of the Incas. It was one of the preferred plants in the garden of the nobles and was particularly cultivated in the Sacred Valley. Its fruits are succulent golden spheres of small size and pleasant taste, protected by an inedible husk of … Read more



Known as the “gold of the Incas” or the “super grain of the future”. Quinoa is an Andean grain of high nutritional value. It has been cultivated since thousands of years by the indigenous peoples of the Andes, its grain being the basic food of these populations. According to the UN, it is one of … Read more


Peru is home to 60% of species of cocoa in the world and is one of the leading producers, to date, the world’s second largest exporter. The type of cocoa produced in Peru is the aromatic type, characterized by its high fat content, which can reach levels of 57%, which conferring it a high commercial … Read more

Yacon Root

Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) is an andean root cultivated in warm and temperate areas of the Andes for its crisp texture and sweet flavor. Has prebiotics and is believed to have a favorable effect on the intestinal flora; their root contains vitamins B1, B and C and is composed mostly of water and oligofructans.   Yacon … Read more