Standperu, to be able to provide an excellent service, establishes some conditions. All the users accept that accessing and using the service of the virtual store is subject to the conditions detailed below, as well as to the legislation applied in the Republic of Peru by the Center of Arbitration of the Board of Trade of Lima (CCL) and/or the Institute of Defense of the Consumer and the Intellectual Property (INDECOPI). Therefore, the users accept the above-mentioned legislation as well as the stipulated conditions, described as follows:


Standperu needs to have a record of the client's main information to allow providing a suitable service and a personalized treatment. For these purposes, the client is to fill the registration form for new users. If the client is already registered and is returning to the the virtual store, he/she can access it using the registered email address and password.


Our product's price list does not include the shipping costs, except in the case the product's description indicates the opposite as a special offer. When you enter to your account and add products to the shopping cart, shipping costs can be estimated depending on the weight and the country of destination.


It is compulsory to the clients to identify themselves with a user name and password to access their information. If a client forgot the password, a new one can be requested as indicated in the corresponding web page.

Standperu reserves the right to modify, increase, update, change or amend any information about the conditions of access and use of the virtual store, without previous notice.

Standperu may interrupt the service of its virtual store, in a temporary or permanent way, without previous notice and/or the consent of the clients.

Standperu may offer products that are sold by weight (in grams or pounds). In that case, there could be a marginal difference between the quantity specified in the order and the quantity delivered to the client.

Except under circumstances out of Standperu's control, the hours of operation for ordering at the virtual shop are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The orders will be normally shipped the following working day to the receipt of the order and once the payment is cleared.

The shipping is done under the modality of commission, using Serpost's services in Peru. The maximum weight for every shipment is 5 (five) kg. or 11 (eleven) lbs. For more quantities, please contact

The times of delivery are an estimate based on the agreement to the service offered by Serpost Peru. In no case this agreement is responsibility of Standperu, as it is a service offered by a third party. Standperu does not take responsibility for any damage, delay or loss of the merchandise in transit by means of the postal service.

The shipments will have the customs' declaration and the documents inherent to the goods sent. Nevertheless, additional documentation could be requested to the client or the goods may be affected by the payment of customs taxes or other fees at the country of destination. In these cases, the client takes full responsibility to present any documentation or to assume payments required by the customs authorities at the country where the goods are received.

Standperu will not assume any responsibility in case the products are retained in customs by restrictions at the country of destination, since it is the client's responsibility to know the above mentioned information. Standperu will not offer resendings of goods or reimbursements of paid amounts in any such case.